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Holiday Reports and Reviews / Re: Where is Everbody?
« Last post by Enjoy Kalkan on November 21, 2022, 09:31:10 PM »
I wish I knew
I’d happily offer EK to others to run/contribute to ensure it’s survival
Holiday Reports and Reviews / Re: Where is Everbody?
« Last post by Pompeyalbie on October 30, 2022, 02:40:50 PM »
Shame really, what confuses me is that there have been a large number of views on this thread and my recent holiday thread yet nobody replied (apart from you). If they are reading them then why aren’t they posting??
Holiday Reports and Reviews / Re: Where is Everbody?
« Last post by Enjoy Kalkan on October 30, 2022, 02:05:36 PM »
Many have moved over to Facebook it would seem, shame really as I do think the forum offers more!
Holiday Reports and Reviews / Where is Everbody?
« Last post by Pompeyalbie on October 20, 2022, 04:15:46 PM »
Kalkan has been busy all week, whoever we ask has said they’ve had a good season so visitors must’ve been here yet nobody has been posting on the forum. Have all the regulars given up or passed away? It’s a shame because it is still the wonderful place we all used to rave about.
Holiday Reports and Reviews / Re: Not What We Expected
« Last post by Pompeyalbie on October 20, 2022, 02:19:09 PM »

What a day, went to Cafe Leon for breakfast, not been there to eat before and had a nice Light Turkish Breakfast while the others settled for bacon & egg sandwiches and a crushed avocado on toast. We then  split up, Janet went in  search of a dress to wear to a wedding next year while I went in search of Eddie’s Barbers just across the road for my bi annual shave and haircut. Needless to say it was awesome, double shave, nice trim, wash& blow dry, massage etc all for 250Tl, not that I gave him that little, well worth what I gave him.I found the others having a drink at Merkez so had a nice Apple tea before heading down to the harbour to visit Miss Silver and see Ozay & Tumay. Really glad to hear they’ve had a good season, we’ve been visiting their shop since our first trip and their first time of opening a shop under Sade, we really count them as good friends.Janet spotted a pair of earrings she liked so that was part of her birthday present bought. Then it was back to the villa via Adam’s to book for dinner, we’d been there Saturday but it was the night of the storm and power cut and I need my lamb shank fix.
Then things all went pear shaped, I couldn’t the door key, searched every pocket and the Fiat tank but it was nowhere so back I went into town to retrace my steps to se3 if it was in any of our stops. No such luck so I went into Baransel office and explained and they said it would take an hour to get a spare key to us so I went back to the villa thinking did I leave it in the door inside and just slam the door this morning? When I got back I remembered I’d left the downstairs bathroom window open, it really hums in there, was I small enough to squeeze through and get inside and open the door from inside? Amazingly I was but alas the key wasn’t there so while the others decided to sunbathe round the pool I was getting ready to go back to pick up the new key when a representative turned up with a new key. Can do without this stress after my heart attack this year.
Returned to Adam’s to complete my Kalkan hat trick, Day out on the Yildiz boat, shave & haircut at Eddie’s and a lamb shank at Adam’s. Delicious as always, his daughter has inherited her mum’s cooking skills.
Thursday it is market day and had a browse around, got some apple tea to take home and while the others lazed around the pool I took myself off to Patara. They have done a lot there since I was lat there and are still doing a lot more. I really wanted to go over to the lighthouse as I’ve never been there but that is surrounded in scaffold and a crane next to it so I guess that is being worked on.
Last night here so it’s back to Alternatif and I want to try a steak, not had one since radiotherapy killed my teeth but they used to be so good I need to try again.
Holiday Reports and Reviews / Re: Not What We Expected
« Last post by Pompeyalbie on October 18, 2022, 04:54:29 PM »
Turns out Eddie has moved down to one of those little side streets by the old mosque so will have to go down there on Wednesday for my usual. Yesterday following breakfast at The Lighthouse ( weather was kinder) we did a whistle stop trip to Fethiye in search of a leather jacket for our friend. Did the usual drove to Calis Beach and took the water taxi over. After a successful trip it was a rush back to Kalkan to grab some dinner and then see if we could find someone showing the Pompey game. Tried out Nova, next to Black & Gold, it was really good, a complimentary starter was not your usual fare but a mug of soup and some pide, really tasty. I went for Prawn Casserole which was amazing must have had over a dozen prawns in it, everyone else also had really enjoyable main courses. While we were waiting for the dessert menu along came a complimentary slice of cheesecake which went down a treat. They were really busy and the staff were really good and cheerful. Finished the meal just in time to make it to Yali for kick off. I won’t talk the next 2 hours.
Up early on Tuesday morning for a quick breakfast at home before heading down to the harbour to join Adem’s Yildiz 3 boat, sadly the other party dropped out so the 4 of us had the boat to ourselves. I won’t bore you with the details as we all know what a great day out it is and all for £30, even the drinks & ice creams only came to £13 for all 4 of us. I did my usual and swam at every stop, the sea was nice & warm, I did however find out I can no longer do the crawl, after my neck surgery I can’t get my arm over high enough any more.
Tonight I think we’ll just go for a drink & people watch after a day on the boat being fed lovely food we’re not that hungry.
Holiday Reports and Reviews / Not What We Expected
« Last post by Pompeyalbie on October 17, 2022, 08:15:23 AM »
Everything started so well, taxi to Gatwick early, flight had tail wind so we landed early, got through the airport quickly. the man from Dalaman Cars was there waiting for us, because there were 4 of us I had a bigger car, a Fiat Doblo Tank!! It is so heavy I am having trouble not stalling it on the numerous hill starts you have to do in Kalkan, I did get it up Cardiac Hill in 1 go though.
We went to the Baransel office to get the key and find out how to get to the Villa Burce, he never spoke English so we had to communicate via his phone translator. We unpacked and went shopping, went to put the food in the fridge and there was no light, tried the lights and there was no power so got onto Baransel and it seems you have to put a card in the slot, nobody told us this. In other villas we have rented there have been contact numbers and instructions on what you need to do, here there is none. The lady at Baransel prefers to be contacted via WhatsApp but how can you do that with no internet connection? I eventually got a message to her via WhatsApp by using Merkez WiFi, we had a list of 8!! Problems rising from not lights in bathroom to unmentionable things floating in 2 of the toilets when Janet and our friend when to use them.
Despite all this we went into town for dinner, there is now hardly any parking on the Road going from the school at the roundabout up to the D400 so parked down by the harbour and walked up. Had a lovely meal at Alternatif and Mustafa was as welcoming as ever.
Saturday morning was grey and blowy but we booked a boat trip on a Yildiz boat and had breakfast at Lighthouse (ex Fener), walked around the shops and did some people watching a Merkez & used their WiFi. Went over to Adems to book for dinner, mega changes there, the reduction of holidaymakers has hit him hard and he has closed the restaurant and built 2 flats in its place and opened a smaller temporary one on the courtyard. Back to the villa for a lay by the pool before going over to Adem’s for dinner, he can no longer pick you up anymore as the taxi drivers gave him a lot of grief for doing it. Just as I started the tank it started to rain, by the time I got to the D400 it was full blown thunder & lightening. We had just ordered, I had my usual lamb shank and the power went so we were sat in candle & phone light enjoying our drinks and starters, but because of no electricity the menu was vastly reduced so 3 of had the sizzling beef, which was excellent. The lights came back about 45 minutes later but the storm brewed up strong winds and lasted for 3 hours with biblical lightening & thunder and rain.
Got up on Sunday and went to Merkez for breakfast and WiFi, then it started to rain again so we sheltered there until it stopped before going Kas where half way along the road the road went from wet to bone dry.
Coming back it reversed itself, from bone dry to torrential rain again. The villa is at the bottom of a hill so the river was was following a good one before going down a drain right outside our villa, opened the door and the smell was horrendous so how have the door and windows open to try and clear the smell. Sunday night dinner is planned for at another of our favourites Sade. There have been a lot of restaurants changes going on especially down by the harbour. One of my favourite Kalkan traditions is to have a shave and haircut at the little barbers in the street opposite Sade but he has closed so it looks like I might be heading for the shack next to Alternatif again.
I am scared stiff of taking the tank up to Islamlar for lunch at the Village Cafe with all those hairpin turns and steep climbs so it looks like that is going to be another missing experience.
General Discussion / Gocek Tunnel
« Last post by Pompeyalbie on October 04, 2022, 09:29:07 AM »
Coming out in just over a week and always hire a car, does anyone know if the price to go through the Gocek tunnel has risen? Always like to have the money ready when I get to the barrier. I guess the price of fuel has risen quite a bit too
General Discussion / Re: Where Are YOU!!
« Last post by Enjoy Kalkan on September 19, 2022, 09:34:24 PM »
If anyone wants to help promote to run this site they are welcome to help it’s survival  :)
Introduce Yourself / Hi all, I'm new
« Last post by AG on September 05, 2022, 07:03:48 PM »
I've been reading posts on here for a while, always love the topics and info.  We are due to visit at the end of the month after being away for 3 years, so can't wait to see what's changed but also meet the familiar faces around town.  Happy Holidays everyone !
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