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Author Topic: KAPSA GA 2011-2012 Activity report  (Read 3388 times)

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KAPSA GA 2011-2012 Activity report
« on: November 19, 2012, 06:16:52 PM »
KAPSA - Kalkan Association for the Protection of Street Animals

ACTIVITY REPORT 17.11.2011 – 17.11.2012
The activities carried out by Kapsa since the last General Assembly held on 17.11.2011 are:
 • The new management committee elected at the General Assembly on 17.11.2011 met regularly through-out the winter months to plan and organise activities such as fund raising, neutering, winter feeding and the general running of the association.
 • All documentation regarding, income/expenditure, receipts, decisions made, membership etc has been kept up to date.
 • A full audit of Kapsa’s books (income/expenditure, decisions etc) was carried out by the Kaş offices of Tax and Associations in August 2012 and all were found to have been in order.

 Fundraising and awareness:
 • Kapsa collection boxes were placed in 4 shops and businesses around Kalkan during the winter months, and 21 shops and businesses during the months of May to July. In August all the sealed boxes were opened and their contents counted in strict accordance with Turkish association regulations. The total amount raised from the collection boxes was 6,734.89TL. The collection boxes would normally have been replaced in the same businesses for the rest of the summer season but as our collection box permission had expired this was not possible. Normally permission for any collection boxes is given for one year and that permission is extendable for a further year. We had been fortunate to have our permission extended 3 times (total 4 years) but this year we were told that another extension was not possible so we have had to start the long permission application process again.
 • Apart from the donations placed in the collection boxes personal donations to the sum of 12,334,75TL were also received from supportive visitors and individuals in Kalkan.
 • In the last year our UK bank account received donations from private individuals to the sum of £11,158 of this £7,674 (21,452.20TL) has been transferred to our Turkish account. At the moment there is £3,484 in the UK account. We also have £40.12 in our UK Paypal account. Much of this money was donated through standing orders set up by people who have visited or regularly visit Kalkan and wish to support the ongoing work that Kapsa does with the street animals here. A grant of £1,000 (2,767TL) deposited into our UK account came from the British charity ‘The Shuman Trust.’ The Trust provides grants to help groups such as ours that have ongoing ‘Neuter and Return’ and re-homing programmes
 • Various fundraising events were held by Kapsa this year, a Kapsa ‘Birthday Party’, a Bring & Buy sale and an end of season ‘Fundraising Extravaganza’ were held at Kleo Bar and Seaport Restaurant in Kalkan harbour in April, June and November 2012 respectively. The support for these was fantastic; many businesses in Kalkan as well as individuals give very generously to these events. Kapsa’s fundraisers are now firmly placed on Kalkan’s social calendar – being attended by locals, expats and tourists alike. Tourists and residents donate books, clothes, accessories etc throughout the season providing a great variety of items to raise money on the day and Kapsa volunteers work for weeks before each event to ensure that they are a success on the day. Many items of clothing (especially children’s wear are sent to those less fortunate families in nearby villages) We also had stalls at Çalış Christmas and Spring Fairs and some of our members held a BBQ in their garden to raise more funds. The total amount of money raised from all these events was 24,034.25TL.
 • Kapsa leaflets (in English) were available in many businesses explaining Kapsa’s work and aims and again proved to be invaluable as a method of increasing awareness.
 • This year we again prepared an information board with photographs and details of Kapsa’s work. Kalkan Kültür Evi kindly allowed us to display it outside the gallery and it has generated a good deal of interest.
 • We prepared and had printed 1,000 posters in Turkish to encourage people to have their own dogs and community dogs neutered. Many of these have been posted in villages around Kalkan but we still have more to distribute and put up.
 • In 2012 we applied to WVS - Worldwide Veterinary Services for equipment and medicine. WVS aids animal charities across the globe by providing veterinary drugs, equipment and advice. We have received enormous support from them throughout the year in the form of equipment, medicines and specialist medical books. Our supporters in the UK organised for these items to be brought out to us by setting up a network of people visiting Kalkan that are willing to bring over donated items for Kapsa. We would like to say thank you to everyone that has helped in this way and to Thomas Cook for the extra baggage allowances they have given us when having such goods brought over.
 • We have also had an amazing amount of veterinary supplies brought to us from the UK by animal loving visitors to Kalkan. Much of which has been donated by pet shops and clinics in the UK.
 • We have an every growing number of supporters (615) on our facebook page ‘Friends of Kapsa’ and we have found it an invaluable way to keep people in updated with our work and also our needs, whether they be a foster home for an orphaned kitten, a driver to take a sick animal to Fethiye, or someone to give a hand at our fundraisers etc (This time last year we had 393 facebook members)

 As always our work has encompassed a wide variety of activities, and in all areas of activity and this year we have done more than ever before. We have treated many sick and wounded animals, homed a number of abandoned and/or orphaned kittens and puppies, neutered, fed and sometimes even hand-reared animals. We have tried to raise awareness amongst people of the need to look after and take responsibility for the animals. We have even been instrumental in helping to have a number of animals taken to loving homes abroad.

 • NEUTERING: We have continued our programme of neuter and return in and around Kalkan. A total of 194 cats and 85 dogs have been neutered by Kapsa in the last year. Of the dogs neutered 24 were from villages such as Akbel, Sarıbelen, Patara, İslamlar etc and these were then returned to the villages from which they came. The remaining number were caught in Kalkan, Kalamar, Kördere, Kızıltaş, Kömürluk etc. There has been a noticeable increase in the number of dogs and cats being brought to us for neutering by local people in Kalkan and the surrounding villages. The total number of animals neutered by Kapsa since its foundation in 2008 to 1,125)
 • TREATMENT: We have treated numerous victims of road accidents and animals with a variety of illnesses. Apart from the usual cat flu and general ailments often seen; we have also had to treat 3 dogs for gunshot wounds and a number that have been poisoned. Sadly not all could be saved – 9 dogs died from Poison in the Kızıltaş area of Kalkan in May 2012 and we later heard of more that had been poisoned in Patara Village and Ulugöl (Many of these were owned dogs)
 • RESPONDING TO CRUELTY: On occasion we have had to respond to some reports of cruelty to animals, both owned and otherwise, whether it is a complaint about a dog tied up with no shade or water or an act of deliberate malice towards an animal or animals. In each case we try to find an appropriate solution.
 • HOMING: This year have had a far larger than normal number of dogs, puppies and kittens brought from surrounding areas and abandoned in Kalkan. Speaking to other similar organisations along the coast this does not seem to be a phenomenon exclusive to Kalkan. We try to home as many cats and dogs as possible in Kalkan and elsewhere, and have managed to find homes for over 45 dogs/puppies including 12 that are going (or have gone to) to new homes in the UK. One cat has also gone to a new home in the UK this year. We help the prospective owners to organise the necessary injections and blood tests required for an international pet passport and where possible find foster homes for the animals until they are ready to leave Turkey.
 • REGISTRATION: We have continued our registration of Kalkan’s dogs both owned and otherwise and have registered hundreds of animals in Kalkan and surrounding villages. All street dogs that are neutered by Kapsa are now vaccinated against Rabies, photographed, tagged and registered (in accordance with Turkish animal rights law 5199) before being returned to the area from which they came.
 • DANGEROUS ANIMALS: We have been instrumental in having several dogs that were deemed dangerous removed from the streets of Kalkan.
 • WINTER FEEDING: Through our winter feeding programme we have fed hundreds of cats and dogs with the help of 70 volunteers all over Kalkan. Last winter we distributed a total of 6,360kg (6.581 UK Tons) of cat and dog food (3,015kg dog food – 3,345kg cat food) for the most part during the months of Nov. 2011 – March 2012. Normally the winter feeding programme would have continued well into April but unfortunately our funds were being stretched at that time.
 • EDUCATION: We have continued our education programme in schools in and around Kalkan using an excellent slide presentation and educational children’s booklets provided SHKD (Sahipsiz Hayvanları Koruma Derneği) in İstanbul. These booklets have been designed by The Dog’s Trust in conjunction with Battersea Dogs Home and the North Shore Animal League and produced in Turkish by SHKD and E.H.D (Evsiz Hayvanlar Derneği) The aim is to provide children with a better understanding of animals and particularly how it is important to treat them well and neuter owned and stray animals in order to reduce the number unwanted cats and dogs in the world.
 • NETWORKING: Have established/continued to have good relations with various other similar organizations in Turkey and abroad
 • FEEDBACK: We continue to receive very positive feedback from visitors to Kalkan (many come to seek us out while in Kalkan to ask questions about the animals and to congratulate us on the work we are doing) and through our Facebook page ‘Friends of Kapsa’. We also receive dozens of emails from visitors to Kalkan and their comments are overwhelmingly supportive and positive.

 Due to the rising cost of working with private veterinary clinics and also due to the fact that we were having to take more and more sick or injured animals to Fethiye because of a lack of equipment and expertise here in Kalkan, we decided to investigate the possibility of opening a new clinic in Kalkan. After much searching we found a young veterinary surgeon Hasan Oğuz Gürbüz (that came highly recommended by the Chamber of Veterinary surgeons in Antalya) He was excited by the project we presented and was keen to work with street animals as well as owned.
 It took several months to find appropriate and affordable premises for the new clinic and to raise the necessary funds for the equipment we needed. WVS helped considerably with basic equipment and materials. A Kalkan business kindly provided a fridge and new air-conditioning unit and a Kalkan individual gave us the money for a new Otoscope/Ophthalmoscope and another donated a computer. A local doctor also donated an X-ray machine but due to a broken part we have not been able to make use of it yet. Our supporters in the UK were also very generous and supportive sending us extra donations to help cover set up costs. We would like to say thank you to all those who helped to make this clinic possible.

 The Kalkan Veterinary Clinic was opened in June 2012. Although it is difficult after such a short time (5 months) to assess the exact financial benefits we think everyone has seen the advantages of having an animal loving, energetic and highly dedicated veterinary surgeon working closely with Kapsa in Kalkan.
 After initial set up costs of around 5,050TL the amount of money paid for treatment and neutering to the new clinic for the last 5 months is estimated to have been approximately 17% less than we would have paid to Petlife for the same period had we continued to work with them. However, our costs for veterinary treatment in Fethiye has been reduced by an estimated 62% because Hasan has the expertise to treat many animals in Kalkan that would otherwise have been sent to Fethiye’s more experienced vets. Amazingly, despite this loss of income for Serkan and Kent Veterinary clinics they continue to give their support to both Kapsa and Hasan.
 We firmly believe that going forward we will be able treat and neuter far more animals cost effectively at Kalkan Veterinary Clinic.

 We try to keep our members and other supporters of Kapsa informed about our work through interactive sites such as Facebook and enjoykalkan.com/
 • Friends of KAPSA - Kalkan association for the protection of street animals on Facebook

 • KAPSA on enjoykalkan forum http://www.enjoykalkan.com/forum/index.php/board,59.0.html
 • The official Kapsa website is moving to www.kapsaonline.com It will be more informative, more user friendly and will be updated regularly (It will still be accessible through www.kapsa.co.uk)
 • Email: kapsa.kalkan@gmail.com
 • Twitter: @KapsaKalkan

 Kapsa currently has 63 full members and 42honorary members.

Linkback: https://www.enjoykalkan.com/forum/index.php?topic=10569.0
Visit our website www.kapsaonline.com/
or join us on Facebook at Friends of Kapsa

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