The Future of Holidays to Kalkan

Oct 4, 2018

Are you looking for your perfect holiday to Kalkan?

Did you know you could be paying too much for your holiday? Some property rental websites such as HomeAway, Tripadvisor, Owners Direct and others are now charging YOU the guest up to 10% of your rental fee just for using their website? Check your booking for the "Service Fee". This does not go to the property owner. It is an additional fee that you should not be paying.

Did you know many sites now prevent owners and guests having open conversations with each other with all conversation restricted through their website. Just think of all the valuable local information the property owner could share with you to create your perfect holiday. We dont think that is fair and that is why we believe you should deal directly with the owners of the property, the people who know the most about it, the people who furnished it and care for it, not a middle man.

Are you a property owner?

Feeling like you have lost control and your property has turned into a small part of someone elses big business? Tired of waiting for your deposit money even though your guest has already paid in full? Frustrated that you cannot offer your guests the personal service you wish to because communication is limited via a website? 

We don't think that is fair and that is why we have launched a new way of Enjoying Kalkan, with no commissions, no booking fees and no annual charges. 

11 years ago we launched EnjoyKalkan as a forum to share free advice, an open communications platform to discuss Kalkan with others, exchange tips, holiday reports and photos. This is why we are now heavily re-investing in our platform, going back to our core values of freedom and fairness and look forward to offering you the very best accommodation in Kalkan and surrounding areas.