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Title: Flight Prices/ Is Kalkan Expensive
Post by: alantj on November 05, 2019, 04:35:14 PM
We have just returned from a visit to Kalkan traveling back via Istanbul to avoid a ridiculous £435  fare for the return flight. We also took the opportunity to spend our "saving" on 3 nights in Istanbul

The trip back including airfares and taxis to and from the airport in Istanbul cost us cost us £170 each a saving of £530, which more than covered 3 nights in a 5* hotel and spending money. It was also pretty stress free with good flight times and a comfortable trip home on a Turkish Airlines widebody jet. Definitely something we would do again.

Now to Kalkan prices. 

For years we have had guests, if not complaining about, at least, mentioning the high prices of food and drink in Kalkan. I usually repeated the lines I have heard about the very high tax on alcohol in Turkey and rising cost of living.

All of which left me wondering, on our first night in Istanbul, how it was we came to be sitting in a very pleasant bar in a trendy part of Kadikoy enjoying a large Tuborg costing just 13TL and later very good  cocktails at 30TL. Then over the next few days we had some truly excellent Turkish food at prices far below what we would pay in Kalkan. 

So yes Kalkan is expensive.