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Title: TUR..BOO..LANCE!! (Week 1)
Post by: Kevin Norwich on July 14, 2019, 12:36:26 PM
Hi All

Just back from a fantastic two weeks in Kalkan, once again staying at the beautiful Samira Exclusive. I attach a note of what we got up to, along with a few observations and other musings.

The fun started on the flight from Stansted - the passengers were restless (a one hour delay, sitting on the plane, didn’t help matters) however, this was definitely Thomas Cook’s B Team flight attendants squad! A bit of turbulence was encountered mid-flight and while drinks and snacks were being served someone ordered a tea. In an increasingly high pitched American accent, the steward exclaimed....No tea, No coffee, TUR BOO LANCE!!! Still, we were in the safe, reassuring hands of Billy, over the tannoy “Yeah, right, okay, yeah, if you could all keep still, yeah, we will soon get through this, yeah”. We laughed and couldn’t wait to arrive.

We eventually reached the town beach on our first day, after a number of handshakes and hugs on the way down. Phew, it was a scorcher! An early lunch at the wonderful Maur cafe, good food at fantastic prices. As usual on the first day, headed for the ever reliable Korsan in the evening. Drinks were taken at Berzingan, Kleo and the Moonlight.

Walked to Kalamar Beach Club on day two (we didn’t walk back). We had a fab day and shared a lovely pizza and grilled cheese salad at lunch. Good to see the lads there and the prices remain very competive. We had a lovely meal in Kosk (for some reason we hadn’t been there for years) and drinks at Bada, Shade Lounge (the couple here do a great job) and the Moonlight in the evening.

Took the dolmas to Patara beach on the next day. The usual organised chaos but we had a relaxing, hot day at a calm Patara. Dinner was at the new place on the front, Ahi. Not overly full but a friendly, welcoming atmosphere (a young baby was the center of attention) and the food was fantastic. Definitely recommended. However we did note that Seaport had a large party in that included two guys who were shirtless (I appreciate that this has been discussed elsewhere). We thought it a little odd and maybe the restaurant owners should have raised the issue. However, I appreciate that a party of 16 would be difficult for them to turn away. The matter was discussed on the new Flamingo terrace (22 lira for a small beer, ouch!), Yakamoz and Yali. There was a power cut while in Yali and we sat in the candlelight, it was truly beautiful.

Yali Beach Club was the destination on Day 4. It was hot walking down there but we had a lovely, relaxing day. While snorkelling there, the sun produced some amazing shafts of light in the water, a quite amazing natural occurrence. We had a special meal booked at Baharat that evening. On arrival, everything seemed very frantic but things settled down and we enjoyed a fantasic meal. The Chateaubriand was, of course,.......................The mini bar and the Moonlight (to watch the Lionesses)were our bar choices tonight. By this point, I had noted that Rose Man always wore a tee shirt with Clyde Kichens on it. Who are Clyde Kitchens? Is he sponsored by them? Is it his name?

Thursday was, of course, Market Day. All the usual banter. I reckon some of that stuff maybe fake you know! As is tradition, we popped into the Swan for a drink. The woman there always looks so surprised when a customer walks in. It is so quiet and tranquil sitting by the pool there with an Efes in the middle of the morning. I highly recommend it. Visited Merkez for lunch (cheapest Efes we found - 18 lira) and had a beautiful evening meal at Alternatif (where the power went again). Cocktails were had at Marley’s and Botanik (where we were not impressed by the service). However, Kenan (?) was seen for the first time. Where had he been.....an international nut conference was my guess! Nice to see him though.

I’ve just noted that I’ve missed a beach day....I’d better do the second week next week!We had a lovely lunch at Kleo and a much needed pit stop at Merkez on the way back. Our dinner was brilliant at Ali Baba’s although the sour Greengages were a little unusual end to the meal.

Hope this hasn’t rambled on to long, more later.......
Title: Re: TUR..BOO..LANCE!! (Week 1)
Post by: NormskiD on July 14, 2019, 01:45:12 PM
Excellent review Kevin Norwich, you've certainly got around, look forward to the next instalment!!
Title: Re: TUR..BOO..LANCE!! (Week 1)
Post by: Lizilu20 on July 15, 2019, 11:59:52 AM
Loving it!

Rose man has had that T shirt for some years now. I wonder if he gets new ones every time Mr or Mrs Clyde Kitchens visits Kalkan?. I googled it, it's real  ;D.

Hurry up and write some more please.  :)
Title: Re: TUR..BOO..LANCE!! (Week 1)
Post by: Lynne T on July 16, 2019, 06:38:30 AM
My husband went one further, he rang clyde kitchens and left a message. They rang back expecting to sell a kitchen and then where surprised by his questions. Mr and Mrs Clyde have a Villa in Kalkan and always bring him a tee shirt.
Title: Re: TUR..BOO..LANCE!! (Week 1)
Post by: keith on July 16, 2019, 08:14:25 PM
Kevin Norwich.......many thanks for sharing your experience of Kalkan......very much appreciated. I was pleased to get an understanding of rose mans tshirt......I've also wondered if he was sponsored. Have to say that we tend to buy from the young girl......is she still selling roses? We really will have to try different  restaurants  in September and look to get out and about more. Can't see it happening as we always end up totally relaxing and chilling out.
Title: Re: TUR..BOO..LANCE!! (Week 1)
Post by: NormskiD on July 17, 2019, 03:01:15 PM
I know what you mean Keith, we say the same every year & within 2 days we are in our usual soporific stupor, which lasts for the whole month we are there!! Happy days long may it continue