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Title: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: joycie on June 26, 2019, 07:02:47 PM
I decided that i wasnt going to bore anyone any more but after reaching a momentous 50 years of marriage a final fling is about parkedto br shared.
We flew from East Midlands with Tommy Cook because the return fllights were more conjusive whatever that means.
We parked the car in the long stay and waited for the bus to take us round the car park and deposit us at departures from where we walked to Jurys hotel where we were stopping ghe night.
We didnt sleep and at 3am meandered to the airport for the easiest flight ever. Three hours 50 minutes and through passport control and out to meet our transport. Right onwards and upwards Kalkan here we come
I love the tomato lorries and the tractors squeezing as far as possible to the edge of the road and that first Wow as you come into Kalkan and you know youre home.
Its our Golden Wedding anx theres only one place that i want to be.
I unpacked begrudgingly. I was hot and sticky and the last thing i wanted to do was hang my clothes up.
Ive forgotten my golden wedding sandals. Probably still waiting to be packed on the bedroom floor. Oh dear ! Bri has said that we can look for another pair tomorrow.
So were now back on the terrace drinking Majestik wine.
All is fine and a shoe hunting day id in the offing tomorrow.
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: NormskiD on June 27, 2019, 02:19:03 PM
Enjoy Joycie, 50yrs is certainly a wonderful milestone, especially these days!! We are celebrating 45 yrs at Christmas, so it won't be Kalkan, but St Lucia for us. However we will be getting our annual fix for a month in Kalkan in September. Yippee!!
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: Haybo on June 27, 2019, 03:44:56 PM
Many congratulations Joycie and Bri!  what a wonderful occasion - we've just celebrated our 20th and will have a teeny tiny celebration of it wen we're out in August.....enjoy your special day...whatever you have on your feet!!!
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: joycie on June 27, 2019, 04:01:20 PM
Today im feeling a little more human.At this present moment im sat on a sunbed on the top terrace watching the boats come home. Theres always a bit of the grand prix on the water boats overtaking and undertaking and its exciting when youre on one but a hands over the eyes job.
This morning we went shoe hunting. Its market day so i thought we’d start there. It didnt seem so busy. The usual banter and three shoe stalls visited but no shoes in gold that I liked. A bag of apple tea and a bag of cherry tea with the usual complimentary turkish delight and we decided to meander down town to the shoe shop in Kalkan. It was so hot and we needed some salad for tonight. I love the turkish greengrocers. Proper salad the biggest radishes youve ever seen and the biggest selection of fresh fruit. Cherries apricots peaches i could go on. Each item was weighed including the giant radish . There were tomatoes lettuce red onion white onion radish a lovely dirty lettuce. No wasted wrapping their vegetables here. We paid our £2 and went on our way.
Down through town past the jewellers where Bri had bought my sapphire bracelet and down to the next two. Infinity on one corner Wish on the other. Bri wanted to buy me something for our anniversary and i decided that it would be earrings. Id already lost one half of a sapphire pair so why not go for a gold pair to lose.
Theyre gorgeous but my expensive. The jeweller knocked £30 off which was very nice of him but we’ll see how often i wear them. We walked out with our tiny black velvet bag and I kissed Bri i was so overwhelmed.
Kleos or Fener. It was decided we saw Al and his pony tail so Kleos it was. Efes and a turkish tea two cheese and mushroom toasties and the most gorgeous plate of chips ever. Just couldnt eat it all but boy did I try.
Meandered to the taxi rank up to Carrefour shopping completed and home for a swim in the pool. Oh it was gorgeous.
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: keith on June 28, 2019, 09:31:24 AM
Congratulations on achieving 50 years of marriage.....we are some way behind but will be celebrating our 34th anniversary next month. I'm so pleased that you are taking the time to share your adventures and I wish you success in your search for the gold shoes.
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: joycie on June 28, 2019, 09:58:01 AM
Thanks Keith i feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Luckily the shoe shop in Kalkan didnt disappoint and I now have my golden shoes xx
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: joycie on June 29, 2019, 02:52:27 PM
The Golden Wedding finally arrived. Surely we can't be that old people who have golden weddings are old and staid aren't they? Bout sums us up.
I opened all our wonderful cards and put them on the table in the kitchen. I was overwhelmed by all the love and felt quite tearful remembering our wedding day of fifty years ago.
We had bought our golden wedding attire with us. I had forgotten my shoes but this was more than made up by the shoe shop in Kalkan.

It was hot and my makeup was stinging my eyes. My hair was soaking wet with sweat and oh dear I felt my age.
We were going to Mandy and Paul's at Kuala first sharing taxi with Jackie and Tim. I hadn't got a clue where we were going and neither had the taxi driver. We ended up at the Castle sand the lovely Daisy rescued us by asking her brother in law to lead us to Mandy.
We arrived. It was a stunning apartment with a stunning view. We had a lovely gin cocktail and before we knew it our taxies were there to speed us to Aqua.
I love Aqua the food is wonderful. We sat down and Yusuf presented us with a bottle of champagne. Lovely Bubbly!
I had the fish and prawns mmm mmm mmm! Sorry forgot about the starters Bri Mandy and me shared a meze. So lovely.
The music had started and fireworks in the road. The atmosphere was fabulous and then the piece de resistance Mandy's cake which had been carried from England for the occasion. It was so lovely I can't start to tell you.
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: sun seeker on June 30, 2019, 12:08:02 PM
Congratulations on your Golden Wedding🥂🍾💕
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: Alibobs on June 30, 2019, 01:50:43 PM
Congratulations! And I'm glad you are posting. We were married in June 30 odd years ago and our son married last week . He left his shoes at home too! Fortunately it was London to Yorkshire so a groomsman came up trumps for him
As you say where does the time go?
Kalkan has to be the best place to celebrate a special occasion, enjoy your special holiday
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: joycie on June 30, 2019, 03:10:45 PM
Oh yesterday my birthday. Well what can I say Kalkan is the most fabulous place to be.
We meandered down to Indigo and were sat on the front row. It was really busy but its such an easy meander fresh orange in Feners first a walk round the harbour up the steps and you’re there. We used to love to sit in the shaded bit but that was destroyed in the winter storm so its all umbrellas and beds now. Very comfortable though. Lunch time called and a crisp white table clothed table was appointed to us and we sat down. I decided on a lovely glass of white and a steak sandwich Bri had tuna salad. They were both lovely. We spent a little more time on the beds and then meandered back along the harbour for a taxi. We got back to the apartment and decided to go straight in the pool. Oh boy it was bliss.
Upstairs for a shower and a change and then out for dinner.
We stopped at Bezigrans and had a gin and tonic each and then went to the street where Black and Gold is and dined opposite. The steak was beautiful but then I say that about all the steaks i have in Kalkan. We watched Burak blow up gold balloons which Mandy later told me she had bought them for Hannahs 18th and shes 31 now and theyre still going strong. The cocktails were anazing and Burak had done me a special one which he said i could name. Then the most amazing chocolate birthday cake arrived with fireworks. Oh it was wonderful what a way to celebrate a birthday.
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: keith on July 01, 2019, 05:35:07 PM
A 50th wedding anniversary  and birthday in one visit........what better place to celebrate but Kalkan. Looks like you are creating lots of happy memories and we're delighted for you. Still got 9 weeks before we get our next Kalkan fix........really can't come soon enough..
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: joycie on July 03, 2019, 04:57:11 PM
Today was boat trip day. Aqua 1 awaited us and we boarded the boat ready for a great day. The food was exceptional and rounded off with a delicious dessert each from the little shop by the mosque. It was lovely to be with friends and its got to be the first boat trip ever where I didnt fall asleep.
We finished up with a drink at Kleos and met Al and his beautiful wife and son.
Dont think i reported on yesterday. Not much in the day but in the evening we started off with a drink at Botanik. I love the peace and calm there.We laughed when they spotted some concreting that needed doing immediately set about it and then Nam stepped in it. Oh dear a chair was placed over it.
We decided to eat at Sherlock Holmes.  Front tables were reserved so we sat in the second row. The table next to us had a table set for one and that was how we met the lovely Jean.
We had a complimentary Meze starter which was delicious and I had steak and Bri had sword fish. Jean arrived at the next table and we began to talk comfortably through the main course and sweet and then another glass of wine (as you di)
We moved to the bar area and were served complimentary wine.
Jackie and Tim joined us and we sat and chatted. At the end of the evening it was lovely to have made a new friend
Two lovely days have passed.
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: Lizilu20 on July 04, 2019, 01:26:01 PM
Iv'e been following your adventures on facebook Joycie and it looks like you are having a fantastic time. Many congratulations on your birthday and golden wedding. I can't think of a better way to spend it than right where you are. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.  :-*
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: joycie on July 04, 2019, 03:30:07 PM
Thankyou we’ve been having a wonderful time.
Yesterday was boat trip day and we’d chosen Aqua 1. Fantastic choice really comfortable and food to die for. Should really when the owners own one of the best restaurants Aqua and the best Simon from the Cozy corner. Lovely fresh cooked fish chicken chips salads and dips beautiful. The fruit break was lovely and the sweets and chocolate biscuits wonderful.
It really was a lovely trip
The queue for taxis was horrendous so we meandered to Kleos for a drink Al was just off on his break we wished him well and sat down and drank an Efes. Time to go and who should we bump into but Al his lovely wife and son. No problems with the taxis and we sped back home.
We were going to have a BBQ but couldn’t be bothered so cooked the burgers on the hob with a few fried onions. They were lovely and all we could manage.
Tonight Adem is picking us up cant wait to see him and his lovely family.
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: joycie on July 04, 2019, 03:32:02 PM
You can see how oldi am ive done two reports on the boat trip. Oh dear no hope!
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: DRBD on July 04, 2019, 06:34:47 PM
Joycie ...congratulations on your 50th ...we are heading towards our 54th & not staid or old,( well yes ok, we are older) we are all a very rare bread these days, unfortunately, to reach this far... very special so enjoy & look forward to your 60th. Have a super time.
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: joycie on July 04, 2019, 08:52:03 PM
Thankyou we certainly are enjoying outselves. We went to Adams he picked us up snd made us feel sk specisl from the start.
There were four people already seated regulars British and enjoying the hospitality..
Cheesy mushrooms to start and black and gold steak Bri had liver and onions and we both had ice cream. It was lovely talking to an Australian couple who were loving Kalkan.
We joined Adam for an apple tea and as usual he called us family. He gave us a lemon off the tree and we bought one of his youngest dayghters knitted toys. Family he said as we left and thats what it felt like.
So. Lucky ti know such wonderful peopld.
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: joycie on July 08, 2019, 02:43:41 PM
Oh wow what a fabulous time we’ve been having. We moved from the apartment to the Villa on Saturday. Samet as usual was wonderful and carried our cases and the rest  of our accumulated holiday rubbish through the garden and into the Villa. The chef was coming at 2.30 to prepare for thr final jolly of the Anniversary.
There were to be 11 of us. We knew Kazim was wonderful after last year but he is so special and his food is to die for.
We had drinks on the roof first. Mandy made us wonderful gins and they had brought fizz and red and white wines and it was wonderful. Four of them were flying home in the morning to Gatwick.
Chef had prepared dinner for 8pm as requested. It was truly wonderful and the aromas from the kitchen were breathtaking.
The lamb and the chicken were wonderful as were the meze of starters to begin with. He makes his own baklava and it is to die for served wigh ice cream.
Then Sue had sent us a cake oh Wow what s creation. It had candles on it and i blew them out reslising how lucky i was to have such wonderful friends to share my holiday in Kalkan with.
Time to say goodnight and everybody left fully contented.
The others were going home on Monday so we decided to spend our last day together at Zest beach club. It was lovely. Towels provided and the food was lovely. Its got a beautiful sea wster swimming pool and it wasvery  accessible with lovely steps to clambet down.
I glanced at my phone and read that Joanna and co were delayed because of a bomb alert on the plane. How scary is that. They were put up overnight in Gocek and hopefully are now back in Kent safe and sound and the Northern mob should be winging their way home as i speak.
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: joycie on July 10, 2019, 10:23:41 AM
So yesterday we did nothing. We swam in the pool and just generally lounged about. After spotting Hussein at Kaya we decided to eat there in the evening. We arrived at anout 7 sat at the bar and had a drink. Kadir showed us his finger which had been severed at the tip and then resewn on in Antalya. It had prohibited his magic tricks but all was well and he was still his own lovely self.
We ate on the roof terrace lovely sea bass and i had cheese cake and ice cream and Bri just had vanilla ice cream It was delicious and we talkef to Hussein who seemed happy there.
As we left the usual hand shakes and kisses were applied and then i was shook to the core by being reminded that not Kadir but the other lovely guy ashamed to say ive forgotten his name WELL his mother was botn in 1948 just like me! How lovely is that NOT!
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: tortoise lady on July 11, 2019, 08:38:09 AM
Good to hear you are continuing to enjoy your time in Kalkan and have lovely food.   Already looking forward to my next visit - not too long now....................
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: Lizilu20 on July 11, 2019, 01:18:17 PM
Joycie it feels like you've been there ages! What a fabulous time you are having too. Loving the Joycieisms by the way.  ;D :-*
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: joycie on July 11, 2019, 02:01:35 PM
So i’m sat on the day bed and i’m hot. Bri is  following the cricket and freckles the cat is trying to sit on my knee. I’m in my swimming costume the pool is delicously lovely and we have had the most fabulous time. Kalkan is changing but i would bet that the locals dont mind. More money in their pockets can only be a plus so hey ho the disrespect of the people coughing up the pounds is generally ignore
There are more strict moslems visiting and I despair at how hot the ladies must be even wearing cardigans and jackets whilst their boy friends/husbands wear shorts and t shirts. We nod and smile in passing each thinking that thd other one is daft for their style of dress.
I still adore Kalkan and it had made our Golden Wedding Anniversary along with all my British  and Turkish friends so special that I cant think of anywhere that i would have celebrated it but here!
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: joycie on July 18, 2019, 08:48:00 AM
So i’m sat in bed at home thinking about the fantastic time we’ve just had in Kalkan. I’m surrounded by my washing my lovely gold earrings purchased from Wishes with a significant discount are still firmly in my ears thank goodness and i feel wonderful.
As usual Sahane and Sultinye totally satisfied and much more the three wonderful weeks we spent in Kalkan. The team that keep the Villas and apartments running are exceptional. Always pleasant polite and out holiday wouldn’t be the same without them.
We visited the Chinese restsurant twice and really enjoyed both meals. We loved Moussakka  happily made a reaquaintance with Hussein and Kadir at Kaya had a lovely meal there and of course our fav Aqua. Its such a lovely vibe there and the vibe is fantastic especially on Friday music night. Our Golden Wedding meal there was superb and all our lovely friends who joined us made it even more special especially the wonderful cake that Mandy made and transported out here and some of which ive just transported back. Makes my mouth water thinking about it.
The boat trip on Aqua 1 was fantastic and the food especially the  sweets courtesy of Simon were superb.
My birthday with Burak and his wonderful cocktails oh WoW Jackies birthday at the Castle in Kisla sitting on the ottoman bed and trying to get off it gracefully walking up those wonderful iron steps and having a wonderful meal overlooking the pool. Ooh the gin we had at Mandys first so special overlooking Kalkan from Kisla.
The day at Zest was lovely towels on the beds when you arrive and that gorgeous swimming pool. Lovely meal and they contain the numbers that go over only allowing eight on the boat.
Our trip to Kas on the Dolmus. Crowded as usual and the young Turkish woman travelling with beautiful baby no pushchair suitcase various other goods and a sack of potatoes. It was sweltering and she was fully clothed with all this stuff and baby but she was lovely. She was travelling onward from Kas on the Antalya bus i think and everything had to be transported from the Dolmus to the boot of the coach. She didnt ask for help loads of of turkish “Gentlemen” scrambled off the bus as did some British but not Bri. He picked up various bits and carried them to the coach and lastly the sack of potatoes. Why was she travelling with a baby and a sack of potatoes? Guess we’ll never know!
Uphill to the beach club must have picked the most Turkish one that ive ever been to. I know
we’re in Turkey but usually because the Turkish are much better at English than i am at Turkish we get by. Oh dear asked for a glass of white wine got a bottle. Tried to indicate that the bottle in the bucket was lovely but i only wanted one glass but anothet glass appeared for Bri. O blow it we drank it. Very nice indeed.
There’s been so much to this special holiday that its impossible to relay it all but our last night we decided to go to Aubergine. We had booked a harbour side table the night before and decided to have a cocktail first. We browsed the menu and we decided to share a basket of garlic mushrooms. They were done in a filo cheese pastry sounded delicious. Well the mushrooms were garlicky and lovely but we could have saved a few lira if we’d just had the mushrooms the pastry was indedible you coukdnt get a knife through it. We left it on the side of the plate. I mentioned it to the server but did’nt get any response. We did get the usual free starter which was lovely and as usual in hindsight perhaps we should have stopped there. Okay so mains for me was rib eye steak. Steaks in Kalkan without exception were wonderful always are. This one was tough and gristly so i gave up. I wrapped it in a tissue and determined to find a dog to feed when we left the restaurant. Bri enjoyed his chicken curry. We’d had two cocktails a glass of red wine starter to share two main courses and Bri had ice cream for sweet. The bill was £72 which was much more expensive than anywhere else we’d dined but of course if we were in the UK probally would have cost a lot more but we were so disappointed we left on our last night with heavy heart complete with tough steak in my handbag. I found a little dog to feed it to and he definetly wasn’t as fussy as me.
We headed for Kleos to say goodbye to Al. We had had some lovely lunchtime meals there and they’re definetly the best chips in Kalkan. Cesur was staring at the water and I knew how he felt I could have sat looking at the view for ever. We bade our farewells to Al and with heavy heart plodded to the taxi rank.
Next morning going home day! Finished the packing weighed the cases not too bad ate breakfast and waited for our transport. Samet arrived it was thundering and lightning. The Volume travel transport was wonderful. Seven seater loads of leg room and Wi-fi. Bri says I never grabbed his hand once. I had checked in on line but couldnt print boarding passes so waited in line. The poor woman in front had broken her ankle in Kalkan so her fitness to travel was causing some consternation. It got sorted we got our boarding passes our suitcases were taken and we went off to security. Straight to departure lounge which was open and another security check on our electronic items.
We watched our plane lane and within forty minutes we were boarding and on our way.
So here we are at home and reminiscing about our wonderful wonderful holiday.
Kalkan is changing. The visitors are much more varied. Sat in Yali bar and a big party of Swedish tourists were enjoying every cocktail on the menu. Many more Turkish tourists than I’ve seen before and I loved it.
Thankyou Kalkan for making our 50th wedding anniversary so special we’ve already decided to spend our 60th here and of course everyone in between.
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: Babs on July 19, 2019, 09:33:50 PM
Just catching up! A belated happy anniversary and birthday Joycie..and Bri. Sounds like you’ve been celebrating in style! 😊
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: Alibobs on July 20, 2019, 10:32:29 AM
Lovely read - thank you for,posting. We are back in September, bringing our daughter for the first time
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: joycie on July 20, 2019, 01:52:03 PM
I’m sure that she will love Kalkan as much as everybody else does. Look forward to hearing your report.
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: keith on July 21, 2019, 01:38:37 PM
Many thanks for sharing your action packed holiday joycie..........you will have some more wonderful memories  of Kalkan and can start planning your 60th anniversary. Sorry to hear that your last meal didn't  live up to expectations but at least the dog had a tasty treat. I know that we always plan to go back to a restaurant where we have had a good meal ...on our last night.......this has generally proven to be a good plan. From reading some of the reports on here and Facebook it would appear that some of the restaurants are a bit 'hit and miss' this year. I know that it is all down to personal taste and that generally the quality and value of  food is outstanding. I look forward to sharing my experiences in September. Keith can...........in Kalkan.
Title: Re: Gxr50 years and counting
Post by: joycie on July 21, 2019, 07:26:55 PM
Thanks Keith look forward to hearing your experiences in September.