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Author Topic: Antler's Day Thirteen: "Oh my God, Dad, you gotta try it!" (Restaurant Agora)  (Read 2172 times)

Offline antler

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Day 13 started badly. I had an embarassing accident. I'd just finished my blog, posted it and went to use the downstairs cloakroom. As I sat on the toilet seat there was this almighty "bang" as the toilet seat snapped completely in half on one side, biting my arse as it snapped back together. What is it about me and white plastic on this holiday?!
Recovering from the ordeal, I watched the sun rise over the hill, as the market stalls came alive down below, the white canvass canopies snaking along the road, before wrapping themselves around the Mosk.
After breakfast, we made our way down to The Market, chatting to the lovely couple selling the watches on the right as you go in. First purchase was a pair of sunglasses (you can't have too many to sit on) before turning left for the vegetables. For some reason, the colour of all the fruit and veg today was outstanding and many were taking photographs from all angles. A bag full of the freshest green beans purchased for lunch, a bunch of coriander and a dozen eggs and we were done.
On the way out, I stopped to look at the shorts, as I had spied a plain pair of blue "CAT" ones on the way in. The guy was all over me like a rash, helping me with the size. "Wishfully, 34," I said, "...but sadly, most likely 36?" 
"OK, I measure" he said, wrapping the tape around my waist and then folding it in half. It measured 19" and my heart sank. Slim Butcher Man was right, I am fat, I thought. But Nice Shorts Man did me proud: he laid the 19" of tape across pairs of shorts until they matched perfectly. He opened up the shorts and the tag inside said 34! What a bloke!
Coffee was next, at Cafe Ev across the road and we spied Sylvia and Bev waiting for us, as agreed, when we left Yildiz II last Friday. We had invited them up to Villa Kirmizi Lale to have a drink or 6, and to enjoy the view from the Ottoman Terrace on the third floor.
"Oh, wow" they said, as they stepped out onto the balcony and saw the view from that angle and that height. "I see what you come here for".
As it was 11.40, the bar was open and we celebrated this new friendship, and That View, with a bottle of Doluca Rose.
The ladies updated us on what they had been doing over the last week, including some of the more difficult conversations they had encountered with over-amorous waiters. This obviously had been gnawing away at Sylvia and so I listened carefully and topped up her glass.
We moved on to happier things and their plans for the weekend, when they will forfill a dream and stay in a Tree House at Sakikent Gorge. An overnight stay in your own Tree House with two large beds and a fridge, breakfast and lunch the next day included, all arranged privately.
I opened another Doluca, checked The Ladies were OK with Thai and left them chatting away and went down to prepare lunch for 8.
I quickly fried the green curry paste while I chopped 2kgs of boneless, skinned chicken thighs, adding them to the paste until coloured. Zapped a handful of garlic in the mini chopper, throwing it into the biggest pot we have with two tins of coconut milk. Washed the beans from the market, snapping them into 1" pieces and added them to the pot. A good glug of Fish Sauce, put some balsamic dressing on the tomato salad to have with fresh bread to start, then called the ladies down for a pre lunch swim.
Finally, I added a carton of coconut cream to thicken the curry slightly and heated it through while the rice cooked. Job done.
In the cooler fresh air, with a cloudy sky today, the Thai Green Curry smell wafted across the patio. Delicious. Even Beth, who really, really struggles with food, commented that it did smell good and could she try it, responding, "that's nice, I like that" and finished off her dish full. I could have cried.
Late afternoon, The Puppies arrived again in the Olive Grove next to the pool bouncing along like the ones in the Andrex advert. Healthy, well fed puppies. Oli hopped over, careful not to step on a baby tortoise, about 4" long,  and picked one puppy up and she just wanted to lick his fingers. We gave them an ice cream tub of water and they shook with excitement as they lapped it up. And then they were gone.
It started to rain as we chatted on the pool patio, but it was warm and wet anyway in the pool as I offered Sylvia a try of the new toy, the Water Hammock.
"Youse not be getting me on one of them" came the reply in the loveliest of Geordie accents. "But you don't know what you're missing until you try it!", was my inappropriate reply, realising Sylvia had heard that already in another context this week.
Soon it was 5pm and I offered The Ladies an ice cream and Baileys, before they trotted down the hill. But they didn't like Baileys. So, filling a wine glass with BIMs vanilla ice cream, I poured Baileys over to fill the glass and offered them a glass and tea spoon each.
And guess what? They like Baileys.
Will be back shortly after sunrise, to feedback on Bex & Tom's night out, including Restaurant Agora, and the lovely few hours we spent in the company of Mr & Mrs Kalkanforeva.

Linkback: https://www.enjoykalkan.com/forum/holiday-reports-and-reviews/12/antlers-day-thirteen-oh-my-god-dad-you-gotta-try-it-restaurant-agora/9662/

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Oh how I'd love a table at The Antler restaurant, Sylvia and Bev are two lucky ladies. Your menu sounds delicious.

Hope your rear end is not too sore!!! (I mean from the mishap with the toilet seat - not the curry)  ;D ;D ;D

Offline antler

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At 6pm we strolled down the hill, past The Swan pub to meet Mr & Mrs Kalkanforeva for a drink at sunset. After a look around their cool, airy and very modern apartment, we settled on the roof terrace. One of the (many) things I liked about the place was its huge, walk-in, shower.
Up on the roof terrace, it feels like you are right there in the epicentre of Kalkan, with a fabulous 360 view. I do like my views - and especially when they allow you to see every bit of the sunset.
And so one Efes followed another as the daylight changed to evening and Mr K4E brought us up our canopies. Chef looking after chef. With such short legs (only two thirds of my now extended waist size), I struggle with capacity beyond a couple of beers, but Mr K4E was ready for this, placing a bottle of red in front of me.....
I didn't need asking twice.
So, as the lights came on all around us, and to the smell of bbq'd food, we sat there nibbling on bbq chicken and slices of homemade pizza. And I thoroughly enjoyed my red wine, only wishing I could remember what it was.
The road seemed far more uneven going back up than it did coming down, probably due to the lack of daylight, so was relieved to reach the pool terrace back at the villa.
Shortly after, the taxi brought Bex & Tom back from their evening at Agora, and the expression on their faces said it all. "Oh my God, Dad, you just gotta try it!" as she walked in the door.
They had a mixed Turkish mezze for 2, followed by one Bengendi Kebab (lamb) and one Lear Fish. Desert was an apricot tart (apparently a moist sponge to die for) and Tom finished off with a chocolate concoction that sounded like a cross between Death By Chocolate and Mississippi Mud Pie - I was in no state to judge.
But it was the service that grabbed them the most. They had been the first ones to arrive at Agora and sat at their table to enjoy the sunset at 7.20pm. When they left, nearly 2 hours later, the restaurant was full.
"And were you happy with the price?", I enquired, to which Bex responded, "£49 with a bottle of wine and water. Amazing value for money for such lovely food".
Somehow, I think, one young couple may just have tasted the Kalkan Bug.

Offline HolmfirthNicky

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Another excellent report Steve! Was it really only Monday we left the blistering heat of Kalkan and now listening to the torrential rain battering our windows we're so wishing we were back there with you and the other lucky forum members!

Offline Skunk

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Thanks for the review of Agora, could it even be a first nighter?? Sorry the loo seat let you down!!!!  ;D

Offline Irene

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Great report Antler as usual- we loved Agora restaurant also - not as "bling" as the restaurants on the harbour front, reminded us of the Kalkan restaurants we first visited 7/8 years ago, traditional with lovely food and service.  We also left last weekend after 17 days,  we had almost started to take Kalkan for granted (big mistake)!! - since we have come back we are so depressed, this has been the longest week ever at work - now looking at another break later in the year!

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